Vision and Purpose

The Morning Star Chapel’s Core Purpose: Morning Star Chapel is a thriving community of people in the metro Atlanta area whose core purpose is to help people grow closer to the Lord God Jesus Christ in His Second Coming, thereby finding happiness, peace, and meaning in their lives.

The Morning Star Chapel’s Core Values:

  • We look to the Lord and His Word as our foundation and for guidance in all that we do.
  • We are a strong community built on personal relationships with each other.
  • We engage in continuous learning with worship services and classes that are inspirational, compelling and helpful to our daily lives.
  • We have a spirit of service to the neighbor welcoming people in all stages of life.
  • We seek to inspire our children to know and love the Lord as their trusted guide and heavenly Father.
  • We are involved and committed to the health and well-being of our church.

Morning Star Chapel, as a congregation of the New Church, carries out the core purpose of the General Church (legal name of the New Church) locally through programs that:

  1. Inspire belief in New Church teachings
  2. Promote the practices of spiritual growth
  3. Encourage service to others
  4. Inspire mutual support in living according to what we believe
  5. Offer opportunities for leadership and volunteerism in our congregation, and for sharing the blessing of our beliefs with others